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Axion rc: Specialties and Models

Axion RC is a brand specialized in aeromodelling. It markets a large fleet of RC aircraft, RC glieurs and accessories of all kinds.

Axion RC: manufacturer of radio controlled aircraft

Who is the manufacturer Axion RC?

Axion RC is a company that practices in aeromodelling. It markets a range of RC aircraft and miniature RC gliders sold as a kit. The brand targets both lovers and enthusiasts of aeromodelling. Indeed, these models are suitable as much for a leisure piloting as for a major championship.

What are the specialties of the manufacturer Axion RC?

The Axion RC brand has made a name for itself in its field, specifically that of aerial modeling. It is distinguished by its radio controlled aircraft, gliding systems and accessories at good value for money. Each model is inspired by a real airplane or glider to ensure perfect reproduction. However, the control is not done from the inside, but from the outside via a specific radio controller. The RC flying aircraft thus moves in the air and is equipped with elongation sustenter planes for easy control.

What are the Axion RC models and their specifics?

TheAxion RC catalog includes a variety ofRCaircraft. Let's find here our selection of the moment:

The P40 Warhank 2.4 RTF M1: this is one of the most popular models by aeromodelling enthusiasts. Ready to use, this model ofRC aircraft is previously assembled and equipped. The RTF version has a wingspan of 480 mm and a length of 420 mm. It weighs 80 grams. This model has a Corelessmotor, a USB charger and a receiver.

L' Axion RC spitfire: it's a good choice to start in aeromodelling. Indeed, this model has a wide flight time. It thus allows a long learning and with a minimal risk of breakage thanks to the Styrotech Plus.

L' Axion RC skywalker: this is a 4-way electric aircraft equipped with a 6-way 2.4Ghz receiver, a Brushless motor and an AX-4CT 2.4Ghz transmitter. With optimal responsiveness, this model also has a 2.4G transmission system to secure flights. It weighs 480 grams.

L' Axion RC laser arrow: Already mounted and equipped, this model is particularly aimed at nature drivers. With a flying wing that exceeds 160 km/h in peak, the strong sensation is assured. Of course, this model is also handy for intermediate drivers.

What are the gliding models and their specificities?

The Axion RC brand also builds RC glifers to satisfy all aeromodelling enthusiasts. Among its wide range, discover our selection of the moment:

Axion RC alpha 139:this is a 4-way glider model for those who want to discover aeromodelling for the very first time, beginners in this case. Previously mounted, theAxion RC alpha has a Brushless motor and is waiting for you to fly away.

Axion RC cumulus 200: this radio controlled glider of the Axion RC cumulus series has an impressive scale. It measures 2 meters and offers a realistic driving experience.

Booster rtf 2.4ghz brushless mode 1 RC axion: this RC glider has an RTF version and an interesting motorization. It is ready to take off.