Plastic model kits

Starting in modeling: how to mount a model?

You want to get into the exciting world of modeling? Find out how to mount a model for the first time.

All you need to know to mount a model. 

How to start a model?

To mount a mockup for the first time, step through. Indeed, it is necessary to start with models for amateur before reaching the more complex models intended for professionals. The Revell model and the Heller model are adapted to a first step in this universe. Beginners in RC modeling will surely find their favorite models in the collection of these major manufacturers.

What tools to make a model?

To get started in modeling, here are some basic equipment to acquire:

Sout materials: a cutting pliers for plastic, a blade holder equipped with a straight blade, abrasive paper.

From the primer: this paint material allows you to vary the tone of the colors according to the desired finish, to standardize the surface of the model and to reveal sanding imperfections.

How to stick a model?

Fore anything, it is important to determine the type of bonding to perform. The choice of glue depends on the material of the pieces and the decorative elements to be glued.

For a plastic model,the glue is inliquid form and has a slow drying time long enough to allow careful positioning of the elements to be fixed. Plastic glue can slightly melt, by chemical reaction, the two plastic elements to be glued and have them welded to one another. It also has the particularity of not sticking to the fingers.

Used frequently for wood and cardboard, white glue is suitable for a wooden model and its various decorative elements. It is also used to glue the ballast in a miniature circuit, the sand, but also the gravel of the dioramas.

There are also other types of glues such as :

The glue bomb: for trees, flocking and décor background;

Cyanoacrylate glue: for all types of materials, including plastic, metal, rubber, wood and porcelain;

Ffusible glue: convenient for quick bonding with a special glue gun;

The bi-component glue: comprising an epoxy resin to achieve a resistant bonding;

The glue for glazing: clean and invisible on the glazing of the model.

How to clean a wooden model?

To remove a little dust from the wooden model, simply clean it with an old cloth or microfiber fabric. If the dust resists, you can moisten the cloth and gently pass it over the wood. If, however, the wood has decals, it is necessary to avoid putting water so as not to take them off. It is better to use a brush to remove dust.

The use of a damp cloth with soap is to be preferred if there is too much dust. In the presence of an inlaid stain on the model, it is possible to remove it with toothpaste or black soap. In addition, if the dirt persists, the market offers several specific cleaning products to restore a car model, an aircraft model and a wooden boat model.

Plastic model kits

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