1:72 scale

Why choose a 1/72 or 1:76 scale model?

Whether by air, by sea or directly on the front, the 1/72 models are endowed with an extraordinary realism.

All you know to choose between a 1/72 or 1/76 scale

How to choose the scale of a model?

Maquettism is a hobby that allows you to develop creativity, patience and interest in history. It is important to know that the scales represent the size of the model. When you create your own miniature models, it is possible to reproduce a model at the desired scale. This is one of the biggest advantages of modeling, and not the least.

However, some scales are necessary for themselves depending on the model to be reproduced in miniature. If you want to build original models with large dimensions such as large ships or a city, you must opt for large scales. Nevertheless, for original models with smaller dimensions, it is necessary to opt for small scales.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, other criteria are involved in the choice of scale, including location. Indeed, a large space allows to place the model correctly and to multiply the details to be added.

How to choose between a 1/72 and 1/76 scale model?

A 1:72 scale means that the size of the model is 72 times smaller than that of the actual object. In other words, if the original object has a dimension of 1440 centimeters, a 1/72 model is 20 centimeters long.

In addition to 1/76 models, 1/72 models are the most offered on the RC modeling market. Thus, you will have more choice by opting for the 1/72 scale, especially if you have a preference for a particular miniature model.

What are the most trendy types of models?

The 1:72 scale is ideal and highly proposed for the following categories of models:

A model of an aircraft;

A military model;

A boat model;

A tank model;

A science fiction model;

A metal aircraft model;

A submarine model.

What themes are available?

The 1:72 scale has been adopted as one of the standards for different types of model themes, namely:

The 1/72 scale war models to be mounted reproduce among others the emblematic machines of the First World War,the Second World War. . Among the countless models available, there are u-boat models, aircraft carriers, tanks of the future and other technological inventions.

1/72 scale aviation modelsare miniature representations of historical aircraft such as: thegustaircraft,theconcorde aircraft, theairliner,the Airbus A400M,and thealpha jet.

Spacecraft are currently very popular. A wide choice of 1/72 scale space models are available on the market. Because of their influence from a historical point of view, these are highly sought after by modeling enthusiasts: a model of the saturn vspace launch vehicle, the millennium falcon spacecraft and a space shuttle.

Enter the scales 1/72 and 1/76, the first offers more choice in terms of model. By choosing it, you will be able to find realistic models of your favorite gear.

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