RC models

What is RC modeling?

Much more than a hobby, RC modeling is an exciting activity that can lead to national or international competitions. Here is an overview.


What is RC modeling?

Radio-controlled modeling or RC is an activity that consists of building and flying a radio-controlled model aircraft at a precise scale. Far from being a simple hobby, this activity involves the responsibility of its practitioner. Indeed, the models flown can differ according to the age group.

How to get started in RC model making?

To get started in RC modeling, you need to make a choice of miniature model. The ideal is to join a model making club to have more details on the desired discipline, the size of the model and the type of track to select. You should also prepare a budget. Indeed, getting started in RC modeling is an investment, especially if you want a fully equipped model. In addition, some knowledge of driving is essential, as you need to know how to steer and brake at the right moment to follow the circuit. The training can take place in the garden, on a parking lot or on a large track.

What are the different fields of RC model making?

RC modeling touches on a variety of fields. You can fly a model aircraft on a land, air or water track, including :

The RC aircraft

The RC boat or RC sailboat

The RC drone

The RC helicopter

The RC glider

The RC car or the mini RC car

The RC tank

What are the different brands of RC model making?

Several stores offer a wide range of miniature RC models and spare parts to repair the model or boost its power. Here are some of them:






Great Planes





HPI racing




Axion RC

Black Horse

Dumas Boats

What are the different types of engines used in RC model making?

The motorization of a miniature model can be thermal or electric. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's take the case of a remote control car like the RC buggy, the RC truggy or the RC crawler:

Electric remote control car: it uses reliable and silent energy from Lithium Polymer (LiPo) or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH). Its autonomy is 10 minutes.

Thermal remote control car: it has a 2T engine fueled by methanol. To operate, it uses an auxiliary electric starter, a pull starter or an integrated electric starter.

What are the different scales of RC modeling?

In RC modeling, the size of a model (plane, boat, car, etc.) depends on its scale. Let's take the case of a radio-controlled car:

At a scale of 1/100, it is approximately 35 cm in size, almost 10 times smaller than a real car;

At 1/4 scale, it is approximately 1 m long.


What are the essential tools for RC model making?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, quality tools are essential. To make models, here are the basic tools to have: measuring instruments, pliers, files, screwdrivers, bracing tools, assembly pins, a hammer, a plane, a cutter, a wood rasp, a guillotine, a mini drill, a mini jig saw, a mini hand sander and clamps.


RC models

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