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Cardboard model kits

How to make a cardboard model?

Board models are built to be able to visualize among other things an architectural project.

All you need to know about designing a cardboard model


What are the different types of cardboard models?

There are several types of cardboard models. The first of these is the architectural model. Architectsand modellers of architecture choose cardboard to build miniature construction models. In this case, balsa and penboard are the most widely used materials. In order to install harmony at the level of the model, it is recommended to choose feather cardboard for the manufacture of the walls, and transparent PVC for the openings.

Next come the typographic model and the hybrid typo model. With the latter model, it is possible to design two types of realistic models. First, a white model that represents the external environment and then,the interior architecture model representing the interior of a building.

How to proceed to correctly make a typographical model?

For the realization of a typographic model on a scale of 1/100, it is necessary to have precision and skill. Indeed, a handling error can distort the entire work. In the first place, it is necessary to transfer the plan of the model on a cardboard plate using a tracing paper. However, do not press too much so that the feather carton is not damaged. If you want the reproduction to be more resistant, the use of gray cardboard is recommended.

Next on, it is necessary to put the partitions on the plan, place the stairs and finally it will be necessary to define the thickness of the walls. In addition, you will have to draw the elements placed inside, the pillars as well as the exterior walls. Here are the final steps to complete your creation:

1. Cut out the cardboard with a stylus;

2. Glue the walls and pillars with a transparent glue;

3. Use PVC for the manufacture of windows and partitions;

4. Make the roof in plate by defining its slope beforehand;

5 . Use a green sponge to represent the lawn;

6 . Add elements such as cars, trees and characters like make the model more realistic.

What are the main brands of cardboard models?

More brands are interested in RC modeling. For their part, the main brands of cardboard models on the market are:




Nanostad .

These brands offer different models of cardboard models, the best known of which are:

A cardboard ho model;

A cardboard boat model;

A cardboard city model;

A cardboard house model;

A cardboard aircraft model;

A model of a car in bus.

What are the different scales for a cardboard model?

It is essential that the model is as realistic as possible. Because of this, the choice of the scale of the miniature model is crucial. For the realization of a cardboard model,you can choose between a scale between1/20 to 1/10. Thus, it is either typo or realistic.

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