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Metal model kits

How to choose your metal model?

Realizing a metal model is the hobby of those who like to collect models in miniature, but also lovers of modeling.

All you know about a metal model

Why choose metal models?

Amusement is the first rule of the model collector. However, due to the countless number of miniatures available on the market, they must take into account several criteria to make their choice. To obtain a collection of realistic models, it is important to pay special attention to the choice of materials.

A metal model is probably an excellent choice, whether it's a remote-controlled car, RC boat or RC aircraft. For some, they are used as decorative elements, but for others they allow you to really have fun. Among the most fashionable models, we find the star wars millennium falcon model in metal,the Poulard expressmodel of Harry Potter or the Avengers model in metal.

How to succeed in your metal model?

To succeed in a metal model,it is essential to gather someessentials. Successful work involves the purchase of the necessary equipment. Thus, it is important to have a stripping pliers. Thanks to its curved shape, this tool makes it possible to remove plastic parts as gently as possible from the group of machines without damaging them.

In addition, it is also possible to opt for starter kits for a metal model to build. Indeed, these include the basic tools, or even all the necessary tools. In addition, it is necessary to bring brushes, glues and paint pots adapted to the model.

The degreasing of molded plastic parts is a step that is often overlooked by model makers. However, this phase is essential for the assembly to take place in the best conditions. For degreasing, the parts must be wiped, rinsed with pure water and allowed to dry in the open air.

What are the most sought-after types of metal models?

There are different types of metal models, the best known being:

The metal aircraft model;

The metal motorcycle model;

The metal sailboat model;

The metal spitfire model;

The metal eiffel tower model;

The metal car model.

How to paint a metal model?

Peindre the canvas makes it possible to bring a beautiful finish to the model. Indeed, the rendering of a painting offers a completely different dimension to reproduction. To beautify your creation, it is important to bring the necessary tools and make the right choice of paint.

With a brush, it is possible to follow the contours accurately and make touch-ups on small imperfections. For ease of reference, there are also acrylic paint bombs. The application of the paint to the model can also be done using a spray gun and other more advanced tools. Now that you have all the tricks in hand, all that remains is to practice.

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