What are the most difficult puzzles?

All being a quiet activity, puzzles also learn patience. Nothing like a difficult puzzle to not see the time pass!

The essentials to know about difficult puzzles

What is the origin of the puzzles?

Before talking about the difficult puzzles,it is essential to first address the origin of this patience game integrating the category of puzzles. Thus, know that the first puzzles were created in 1760 by a London engraver and cartographer named John Spilsbury. The latter was the first to think about cutting out geographical maps that represent various countries of the world, and then marketing them as a fun way to teach geography to children.

What are the most difficult puzzles?

By the different types of puzzles, the difficult adult puzzle and the xxl puzzle (from 1000 pieces) are usually among the most complicated. Among the most difficult 2D puzzles, you can for example find those with 1000 pieces such as:

Jackson Pollock;

Biche on snowy forest road;

Delion of tomatoes;

Ced country;



View of the Pyrenees;

Fruit org;

Small view of the void... but that is full.

Stain that this is not an exhaustive list, since there are still other more difficult puzzles such as the Clementoni Mordillo puzzle 1000 pieces. Alternatively, if you are looking for difficult puzzles with less than 1000 pieces, you can also opt for Escape puzzle - Witch Kitchen or Escape puzzle - Astronomical Observatory. These games have 759 coins each.

Are there even more difficult 2D puzzles?

Effectively, there are some 2D puzzles even more difficult than those mentioned above. The difficulty of the latter is usually based on their number of pieces, since some of them can present more than 1000 pieces. As an example, you can find:

The 5000-piece puzzle: The best bookstore in the world;

The 6000-piece puzzle: Lake in the mountains;

The 8000-piece puzzle: World Map;

The 9000-piece puzzle: The garden of delights;

Or still the huge 51300-piece Kodak puzzle.

And in 3D, what does it give?

3D puzzles represent a modern alternative to classic puzzles. Their principle is rather simple, because it is enough to mount the pieces together in order to build an object in 3 dimensions. Generally, regardless of the material that makes them up(3D puzzle madeofwood, metal, plexiglass or foam), these types of puzzles are stable and can become decorative objects.

What are the most difficult 3D puzzles?

By the most difficult 3D puzzles, you can for example find:

The Ugears Explorer puzzle;

The Ugears Safe puzzle;

The complicated 3D puzzle Globe Ravensburger;

The Game of Thrones CubicFunpuzzle;

Or again, the Paradox Crystal Lines puzzle.

How to make a difficult puzzle?

To make a difficult puzzle, one trick is to start with the edges. Then, it is advisable to sort the pieces by color in order to easily differentiate the shades, especially regarding dark colors such as black, brown or dark blue. Subsequently, it is necessary to carefully study the final image to correctly identify homogeneous areas, structuring elements, faces or horizon lines, etc. The sorting of the parts by color will then be done using supports such as small boxes or cartons before moving on to the assembly of the first elements. For more efficiency in assembly, it is then possible to sort by shape, nodes and holes.

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