Dungeons & Dragons 5


Dungeons & Dragons 5 plunges players into a terrifying dungeon where they must face monsters and dragons to reach the final treasure.

Essential points to remember about Dungeons & Dragons 5

Dungeons & Dragons 5: what is it?

Dungeons & Dragons or D&D is among the first role-playing games made on the table, with a fantastic medieval style. This game was born in the 1970s thanks to the Americans Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax. It is a subgenre of board games based on the principle of common storytelling. Players create a collective story as they move through their actions. They can work together to complete their adventure. It is thus the ideal role-playing game to play with friends. Dungeons & Dragons is based on three main pillars:

  • Exploration;
  • The fighting;
  • Social interactions.

In 2000, the 3rd edition of D&D was launched by Wizards of the Coast

What are the different Dungeons & Dragons 5 games?

Dungeons & Dragons 5 is a reference when it comes to role-playing games. In addition, his Heroic Fantasy universe has been evolving for decades. The game includes several variations depending on the story to be created.

The Descent into Averne

The Descent into Averne is a campaign dedicated to heroes from level 1 to 13. It transports the player on a journey, starting from baldur's gate to reach the infernal circles of the underworld. Fans of the video game Baldur's Gate will appreciate this atmosphere of the end of the world, punctuated by titanic clashes.

Initiation Kit

The Initiation Kit is the ideal starting point to explore role-playing in a general and specific way. This pack presents the basic rules of the adventure. Just gather 5 players ready to start to start the campaign. The panoply is completed by a set of dice.

The Curse of Strahd

The Curse of Strahd is intended for characters from level 1 to 10. It is based on a background of fantastic horror in which adventurers must fight a vampire with centuries-old powers. The ideal adventure for players who want to experience an epic mission.

The Guide to the Adventurers of the Swords Coast

The Côte des Épées represents a region northwest of Faerûn, one of the most famous continents of D&D. This section allows you to explore this part of the Forgotten Realms through a more accurate representation of cities, gods and its history. The Complete Guide to Xanathar and The Flight of Dragons are also among the D&D games to discover with friends.

How do I get started at Dungeons & Dragons 5?

Exploration begins in the Initiation Kit campaign. After a confrontation against the cups, then an unfortunate encounter with crooks, the adventurer will learn of the threat of a Black Spider that weighs in the region.

While trying to follow in his footsteps, he opens into an abandoned mine: The lost mine of Phancreux. This part takes place in 4 acts or the equivalent of 4 game sessions. Each stage allows players to learn more about the facets of D&D: its fights as well as the exploration and encounter phases.


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