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Who is the wizard of the coast manufacturer?

American game publisher, Wizard of the Coast initially focused on the worlds of science fiction andheroic fantasy.

All you have to know about the manufacturer Wizard of the coast

Who is the wizard of the coast manufacturer?

Wizard of the Coast or "WotC" is a company founded on the outskirts of Seattle by Peter Adkison in 1990. Today, it is based in Renton. Rooted in the worlds of science fiction andheroic fantasy in its early days, the box owes its success to the collectible card games it offers in the early 1990s, including the famous Magic: the Assembly. The brand continues its rise by publishing role-playing games, collectible card games, board games, but alsoheroic fantasy books.

In 1997, Wizard of the Coast acquires TSR and distributes Dungeons & Dragons before becoming a subsidiary of the gaming house Hasbro in 1999. In addition, it owned the chain of stores The Game Keeper for several years.

In December 2003, it ended its in-store activities to convert to game manufacturing.

In 2019 and 2020, Wizard of the Coast And Digital Gaming far exceeds the revenue of Hasbro's toys business. Indeed, Magic: The Assembly alone accounted for nearly 23% of sales.

What are wizard of the coast's most sought-after specialties?

Wizard of The Coast is a large family of studios specializing in the manufacture of card games, role-playing games, table games, strategygames, board games as well as collectible cards. These games are available in all Wizard Of The Coast France shops.

What are the most sought-after Wizard Of The Coast products?

Wizard Of The Coast products and games are available in many variations:

Wizard Of The Coast games

Here are some examples of titles from each category:

Saboard games

Nexus Ops, made by Charlie Catino;

Risk 2210 A.D. and Risk Godstorm;

Axis & Allies Revised and D-Day;

Monsters Menace America ;

Betrayal at House on the Hill;

Filthy Rich ;

RoboRally .

The role-playing games

Star Wars RPG;

Donjons and Dragons 3rd edition;


Donjons and Dragons 4th edition;

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game.

Card games



The Great Dalmuti;

The Game of Dragons (3-Dragon Ante)

The Collectible Card Games

Magic: the assembly;


Duel Masters;

BattleTech JCC;

Star Wars JCC;

Pokémon JCC;

Neopets JCC ;

The Simpsons Trading Card Game;


MLB Showdown;

Harry Potter TCG.

Figure games


Star Wars Miniatures;


Axis & Allies Minis ;

Dungeons & Dragons Minis.

The most popular Wizard Of The Coast products

The most popular Wizard Of The Coast games for gamers include:

Magic The Gathering ;

Donjons and Dragons;


Challenger Deck;

Duel Masters ;

D&D 5;

Avalon Hill.