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Which is the Citadel brand of Games Workshop?

Habitually, the figurines found in the miniature games are of the citadelbrand. Here is the essentials to know about this miniatures manufacturer .

Light on the Citadel Miniatures brand

Which is the Citadel brand of Games Workshop?

Reth think, this is not about the Citadel Outlet Los Angelesmall. Founded in 1979, Citadel Miniatures is an English manufacturer of figurines, but also of modeling equipment for Games Workshop miniatures games. Its origin initially stems from the union between Games Workshop and Bryan Ansell,an English designer of war games and role-playing games. Thus, if at the beginning, it was only a partner of Games workshop, it is now a full subsidiary of the company.

What are the accessories of the Citadel brand?

Citadel Miniatures produces various accessories, namely:

Different figurines for mass effect;

Alal decorations for figurines;

Or the Citadel briefcase to store the figurines.

Sinon, the brand also offers modeling tools, such as :

The Citadel paint handle;

Citadel paint usually dries as a paint tube;

The paint storage for the Citadel contrast collection for example;

The Citadel glue;

The Citadel paint bomb;

The Citadel color chart, etc.

Are there other brands produced by Citadel?

Effectively, Citadel Miniatures has produced and distributed thumbnails under other names, namely:

Miniatures Chronicle;

Fer Miniatures Claw;

Marauder miniatures.

What materials are Citadel miniatures made of?

At the beginning, in 1979, Citadel marketed miniatures made of white metal alloy composed of lead. It was around 1987 that the brand produced plastic miniatures at the same time as the first models. However, the metal miniatures made by the company represent the rarest armies, as well as the special characters. Some products of the brand can even combine metal and plastic. In 1997, Citadel switched to lead-free white metal alloy to prevent poisoning of children.

How to paint a miniature?

Timetime Citadel miniatures are not painted. It is then necessary to paint the figurines or other accessories like the Citadel knife with a Citadel brush and citadel paint from the paint storage. Thus, to paint a Citadel Warhammer figurine with its Citadel knife for example, it will be necessary:

1. Eliminate the part in order to smooth it and eliminate any trace of molding;

2. Rinse everything with water and dry;

3. Apply a Citadel undercoat using spray paint;

4. Paint the figurine using a brush and Citadel paintings starting with the dark colors;

5. Proceed to dry brushing with a dedicated brush to achieve the lightening;

6. If necessary, create shading and washes with ink;

7. Carry out corrections and finishes.

On which miniatures games are Citadel products found?

Here are some miniatures games whose miniatures are produced by Citadel:

Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000;

The Lord of the Rings;

Epic 40000;



Blood Bowl;



Battlefleet Gothic.