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Who is the manufacturer Edge Entertainment?

Headquarters in Seville and Toulouse, Edge Entertainment is a reference in the publishing and distribution of role-playing games and board games.

All you have to know about the manufacturer Edge Entertainment

Who is the manufacturer Edge Entertainment?

Having been founded in Seville in 1999, the company Edge Entertainment works in the publishing of role-playing games and board games. On the other hand, UbIK was founded in Toulouse in 2003.

In September 2008, the two publishers proceeded to a merger, giving birth to Edge Entertainment, which officially became the French and Spanish trademark at thesame time.

End 2016-early 2017, Edge was acquired by Asmodee Éditions.

What are edge entertainment's most sought-after themes?

Edge Entertainment is a real reference in the publishing and publication of playing cards,board games, role-playinggames, miniatures games or board games.

Here are some of the games published in French by Edge Entertainment France

Thunderstone (game);

Gears of War:The Board Game;

The Mansions of Terror;

Res Publica Romana ;

Android: Netrunner;

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.

<:03> The Lord of the Rings

The Game Edge Entertainment The Lord of the Rings has several variations. In The Lord of the Rings JCE, the player is at the head of a group of adventurers who must lead perilous quests in the famous Middle-earth.

<:3> Iron Throne

The Game Iron Throne is also available in several versions. In the second edition, the player will attempt to capture one of the largest Houses in Westeros and fight epic battles for the conquest of the famous Iron Throne.

Civilization by Sid Meier

In Sid Meier's Civilization, players will have to play as famous historical figures and represent their civilization. Throughout history, they can build cities, fight battles or explore other civilizations.

Battlestar Galactica

In Battlestar Galactica, the player will have the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of one of the ten possible characters with its peculiarities to repel his opponents in the face of the threat of the Cylon.

Star Wars

The Star Wars role-playing game by Edge Entertainment consists of three distinct ranges, but with the same game system. Characterized by marginal characters such as smugglers, Aux Confins de l'Empire is dedicated to remote areas.


Nemesis is a so-called semi-cooperative game, in which the player and his teammates must survive aboard a ship invaded by hostile organisms.


Alone is an asymmetrical exploration game in which the hero faces an Alien threat orchestrated by his opponents.

Journey: The Wrath of the Demons

It is a cooperative game, inspired by a classic of Oriental literature in which the player embodies Pilgrims, whose mission is to banish the Demons from this world.

An other Edge Entertainment games have won the bestseller title: Battles of Westeros;

Ninja All Stars ;

AC-Deco Arcadia Quest;


Battlestar galactica;

Blood Rage;