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All information about our RC gliders

Come and discover all our RC gliders from the most recognized brands in the field such as Axion RC, Kyosho, LRP, ValuePanes or MHDFLY. You can enjoy good times with a wide range of models available to you.

What is an RC glider?

The RC glider is a miniature representation of an airplane without engine and directed through a radio control. It is an aircraft equipped with lifting planes with significant elongation giving it a very low glide angle. Its piloting is done by controlling the three axes of roll, pitch and yaw.
 Gliders can be launched in four different ways. The most common way is to be towed by a towing aircraft; the second way is by hand launching (for hand launched gliders); the third way, less frequent, is by winch and finally, more rarely, by one's own means thanks to a fixed or (most often) retractable engine. The latter are motor gliders. The remote control allows to turn off the engine once at altitude, or even to start it again.
In general, radio-controlled gliders have a wingspan of up to 11 meters. The use of lift, thermal or dynamic, allows to keep a sufficient altitude.

What is an RC glider made of?

It is necessary to have several materials in order to compose a radio-controlled glider: 

The wing: its function is to ensure the lift of the glider. It is made of two wings also called "feathers" which ensure the lift. These can have at their ends, ailerons that control the roll axis.
Each wing can be equipped with airbrakes that increase the sink rate of the machine. 
The fuselage: it allows to shelter the accessories, and its connection with the empennages and the wing ensures the control of the three axes: yaw, roll, pitch.
The empennages: their function is to ensure the control of the axes of pitch and yaw, and, for the horizontal empennage the stability of flight. Nowadays, they are made up of vertical and horizontal "T" shaped planes that carry the rudder and the elevator, also called the stabilizer.

Which model of RC glider should I choose?

You will have the choice of several models of gliders on our site according to your different needs.
DG505 ARF 4000 MM RC glider from MHD will delight you with its high-performance motorization for flat or slope flying. It has a fiberglass fuselage, balsa and plywood wings. The tail wheels and the central wheel are original. This aircraft has a Brushless motor and a folding propeller.
RC glider SB98 2500MM VINTAGE GLIDER KIT will seduce you with its wooden design and its high quality scale. It is a wooden glider to assemble. Its very low wing loading allows it to fly at a very low speed, making landings very short and easy to make. Its flying qualities will suit both intermediate and advanced pilots.

RC Glider

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Excellent customer review

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