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What are the most difficult puzzles?

As well as being a quiet activity, puzzles also teach patience. There's nothing like a difficult puzzle to make you lose track of time!

What you need to know about difficult puzzles

Where do puzzles come from?

Before talking about difficult jigsaw puzzles, it's essential to start by looking at the origins of this game of patience, which falls into the category of brainteasers. The first puzzles were created in 1760 by a London engraver and cartographer by the name of John Spilsbury. He was the first to think of cutting out maps representing various countries around the world, and then marketing them as a fun way of teaching children about geography.

What are the most difficult puzzles?

Among the different types of jigsaw puzzle, the difficult adult jigsaw and the xxl jigsaw (with 1000 pieces or more) are generally among the most complicated. Among the most difficult 2D puzzles, for example, you can find those with 1000 pieces such as:

● Jackson Pollock ;

● Deer on a snowy forest path;

● Tomato declension;

● A variety of tomatoes;

● Tomato variation;

● Corsican landscape;

● Red space nebula;

● Cluster of sweets;

● Space view of the Pyrenees mountain range;

● Orgy of fruit;

● Small view of the void... but which is full.

Be aware that this is not an exhaustive list, as there are still other more difficult puzzles such as the Clementoni Mordillo 1000 piece puzzle. Alternatively, if you're looking for difficult jigsaw puzzles with fewer than 1000 pieces, you can also opt for Escape puzzle - Witch's kitchen or Escape puzzle - Astronomical observatory. These games each have 759 pieces.

Are there even more difficult 2D puzzles?

Yes, there are some 2D puzzles that are even more difficult than those mentioned above. The difficulty of these is generally based on the number of pieces, since some of them can have more than 1000 pieces. For example, you can find:

● The 5000-piece puzzle: The best bookshop in the world ;

● The 6,000-piece jigsaw puzzle: Lake in the mountains;

● The 8000-piece jigsaw puzzle: Mappemonde ;

● The 9000 piece jigsaw puzzle: The garden of delights;

● Or the huge 51300-piece Kodak jigsaw puzzle.

What does it look like in 3D?

3D puzzles are a modern alternative to classic jigsaw puzzles. Their principle is rather simple, as all you have to do is assemble the pieces together to build a 3-dimensional object. Generally speaking, whatever the material they're made of (wood, metal, Plexiglas or foam 3D puzzles), these types of puzzles are stable and can become decorative objects.

What are the most difficult 3D puzzles?

Among the most difficult 3D puzzles, you can find, for example:

● The Ugears Explorer puzzle ;

● The Ugears Safe puzzle;

● The complicated 3D puzzle Globe Ravensburger ;

● The Game of Thrones puzzle CubicFun;

● Or the Paradox Crystal Lines puzzle.

How do you make a difficult puzzle?

To make a difficult puzzle, one tip is to start with the edges. Next, it is advisable to sort the pieces by colour so that you can easily differentiate the shades, especially when it comes to dark colours such as black, brown or dark blue. Next, you need to study the final image carefully to correctly identify homogeneous areas, structuring elements, faces or horizon lines, etc. The pieces are then sorted by colour using supports such as small boxes or cardboard, before the first elements are assembled. For more efficient assembly, you can then sort by shape, knots and holes.


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