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All about dice

Classic dice games, role-playing dice or board games, dice have become real accessories with multiple functions. decryption.

Everything you need to know about dice

What are the different kinds of dice?

A dic is an object of cubic shape and generally small size, intended to obtain randomly a number or a symbol among several possibilities. Dice games have been practiced since ancient times in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, since the invention of the dice itself dates back about 5,000 years. Today, dice are becoming more and more successful to the point that it is possible to find different kinds of them in board games. Thus, it is not uncommon to find personalized dice or 6-sided wooden dice. On the other hand, the roll of the dice is essential in role-playing games. Depending on the nature of the latter, the rôlist will use different sets of dice. The dice are used to represent the hazardous dimension of the acts performed by role-playing players.

These sets of dice jdr have many variations:

  • The 6-sided dice or d6;
  • The 4-sided dice or d4;
  • The 8-sided dice or d8;
  • The 10-sided dice or d10;
  • The 12-sided dice or d12;
  • 20-sided dice or d20;
  • Special dice;
  • Virtual dice.

What are the different brands of dice?

Several brands use creativity to offer ever more original and innovative dice, of which here are the best known: Oakie Doakie Dice; Origams; Q Workshop; Chessex Elder Dice SueGao.

What are the most sought-after dice?

Foam die, 100-sided die or Bone Dice Set, here is a list of the most popular dice:

Arkham Horror - Bone Dice Set

Arkham Horror - Bone Dice Set is one of the most famous Fantasy Flight Games board games.

Elf Dice Set

The Elf dice sets have several versions. The 6 themes Elf and magical world are among others illustrated in Christmas colors, perfect to offer lovers of magical universes.

D12 Hit Location Dic

The D12 Hit Location Dic are dedicated to role-playing games and other board games requiring polyhedral face dice.

Classic Runic Beige & blue Dice Set

Classic Runic Beige & blue Dice Set is a set of 7 dice with minimalist design, intended for any role-playing game.

Foam Ed

Foam dice, giant or classic size, are generally designed to participate in the mathematical awakening of the child or for group games. Essential in kindergarten or primary school, they also allow you to make educational games.

6-sided color dots

These dice with colors on the faces are ideal for board games. They have several sizes, including classic or giant as needed.

Call of Cthulhu The Outer Gods

Call of Cthulhu The Outer Gods is a 7-color blue and black dice set dedicated to the Role-playing Game The Call of Cthulhu.

100-sided die

The hundred-sided die or d100 is a variation of models with one hundred faces. It allows to generate numbers ranging from 1 to 100 in an equiprobable way.



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Excellent customer review

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They have unique and fun items that you cannot find elsewhere. The 3D Ghostbusters puzzles look great and will make awesome presents.



Delivery came a bit late with special delivery but it arrived in good condition and quality of the figures are awesome in person. Overall good...



Fabulous and my item arrived well packed with no damage and on time.



But too pricey! Itherwise no problemsa nd prompt deliver.



Arrived well packaged and in good order looking forward to building the model



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