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Everything you need to know about brushes for models

The use of brushes for models is recommended for beginners in modeling. How to choose your tools to get a good result?

Brushes for models: a practical guide?

Which brush to use to paint a model?

To start in modeling, the use of a brush for model is always recommended before embarking on the airbrush. This tool is easier to handle and more economical. Be aware that brushes are categorized according to:

  • Their size;
  • Their quality;
  • Their shape;
  • Their manufacturing material;
  • Their hair;
  • Etc.

To have a range of brushes of superior quality, favor the tools offered by the big brands.

In addition, the latter select and recommend the paints adapted to the various kits. On the market, you will find:

  • Marten brushes: often used by professionals;
  • Synthetic brushes: good value for money;
  • Pony hair brushes: ideal to get started.

You will see on the handle of a brush an engraved number that indicates its size. Generally, brush sizes vary between 0 and 12. For example, to draw a thin line, opt for a brush of 5/0 or 10/0. The smallest size is 20/0. Opt for a plastic model brush to paint a: Boat model; Model of a car; Etc.

What are the different types of model brushes?

To paint their models with a brush, modellers often use a tool with a triangular handle. Be aware that in modeling, brushes are distinguished according to the shape of their handle.

Brushes for flat models

Brushes for flat models or brushes allow you to apply the paint to a large area. You can therefore use them to:

  • Bodies;
  • Large pieces;
  • Aircraft models;
  • Etc.

Brushes are also used to reproduce aging and dirt on models.

Brushes for round model

In modeling, round brushes have a finer tip. They therefore make it possible to paint in a precise way the work of detail. For example, you can draw fine lines with this kind of tooling.

Special brushes

They exist in various forms. On the market, you will find for example brushes:

  • In fan;
  • Beveled;
  • Long-haired;
  • Etc.

Experienced modellers often use them to create dirt or aging effects.

What are the different brush hairs for model?

The nature of the bristles determines the cost and quality of a brush.

Kolinsky's marten-haired model brushes

Major brands design these brushes with strong, flexible and natural bristles. They are top quality tools with a high level of accuracy. Kolinsky's marten-haired brushes make it possible to:

  • Make the small details;
  • Draw characters;
  • Draw the lines of the face;
  • Etc.

Brushes in synthetic bristles

They have the best value for money. Compared to that of marten-bristle brushes, their accuracy is less satisfactory. On the other hand, they are ultra resistant.

Pony-haired brushes

The cost of pony hair brushes is affordable. Less flexible and made with the help of synthetic materials, this model is recommended for beginner model makers.


Model paint brushes

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Excellent customer review

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