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Everything you need to know about model aging

Many aging products can create effects on a model. Combine the right techniques to achieve a realistic rendering.

Modeling: aging techniques and products

How to age a model?

To make the models realistic, the modellers combine several weathering techniques. Using an aging kit, this method consists of adding reliefs in order to give a natural appearance of aging.

What is wash, Washes or Pencil outlining?

The purpose of this technique is to make the shadows appear. To achieve it, use:

  • An oil painting;
  • Diluted enamel;
  • A very thin pencil.

Start with the most visible shadows to highlight the small details of: Hollow; Rivers Panels; Etc.

What is Dry Brushing or Dry Brushing

Dry brushing requires the use of enamel or oil paint to reproduce the light areas. One of the old techniques of modeling, this method leaves a more noticeable and unrealistic effect. Nevertheless, it remains convenient for displaying peeling paintings such as that of a bare metal.

What are filters used for?

To change the tone of a paint, this technique is effective by using an enamel or a diluted product ready for use. Filters also allow you to:

  • To bring chromatic richness;
  • Darken and lighten the model;
  • To retouch an incorrect shade.
  • Use a pure solvent to eliminate unwanted effects.

What is the purpose of the Streaking effect?

The Streaking effect is used to create an effect of flowing water, oil, rust, fuel, etc. on the surface of a craft. The products to be used are:

  • Enamel or diluted oil;
  • A varnish mixed with a diluted and tinted paint.

What is Fading or shading used for?

With oil, enamel and a pigment, shading highlights the chromatic richness of a surface. It therefore makes it possible to break the uniformity and to bring some variations of colors. In order to accentuate aging, use colors different from that of the base.

What is dust or Dust?

To dirty the rendering, use earthen pigment with decoration, pastel and diluted enamel. For dust levels, it is sufficient to tint the paints with pigment mixed with binder and solvent. Then apply the mixture to the model using a clean brush. You can also use earth with décor.

What is chipping effect or peeling paint

The Chipping Effect is used to reproduce the Slave l or peeled paint using:

  • A brush;
  • Foam;
  • Salt;
  • Fluid masking or lacque;
  • Du Maskol.

What are the other effects of aging?

Graphite combined with certain pigments and paint is also a convenient aging product to mimic metal. You can combine several techniques such as micro chipping or Dry Brush to highlight rust. To blacken or lighten part of your model, airbrushing is possible.

With an airbrush, the Exhaust stain effect allows you to reproduce the exhaust smoke. The mud/snow technique is used to create wet or dry mud and snow in a simple way. A great classic: you can strip the model to create an aging effect. Be careful when applying, as strippers are dangerous.


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