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Figures and small scale soldiers

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History in miniature

World War I or II, Antiquity or the Middle Ages, relive the historical events that have marked the world through small figurines.

Small figurines to remember the great stories

Figurines: what are the different periods?

If you're a history buff, what better way to recreate the epic battles and legendary events that have marked the world than with miniatures? These miniature figures can be used to bring real battles and war scenes to life, depending on the era being recreated.

The First World War

The main cause of the First World War was the assassination of the heir to the throne and Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, on 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo. It was the work of Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Black Hand Society. The figurines are made up of the elements needed to form a battlefield and assemble an army ready for war.

The Second World War

Several factors led to the outbreak of the Second World War, including the diktat imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. This historic event left a particularly deep impression, with the emergence of new military equipment in terms of weapons, vehicles and uniforms.

The art of warfare was revolutionised. World War II era figurines can be used to depict the different characters of the period, and to give war scenes the right emphasis.

Napoleonic era

Napoleon Bonaparte was both a French soldier and statesman, and a truly emblematic and historic figure of the 18th century. In addition to his many reforms, he is known for his many victories, including that of Austerlitz. Many other battles can be recreated with the dedicated miniatures.


Antiquity is a period in history, from the origins of historical times to the fall of the Roman Empire. This period saw the birth of great civilisations, including those of the Mediterranean and Asia. It was also marked by the invention of writing.

The figurines transport players to the heart of the past through the various discoveries and finds of the era. There are many other periods to discover through the miniatures, including the 19th century, the American Civil War, the Modern era and the Roman era. These miniature figures invite you to escape into the heart of history.

Figurines and fictional stories

Fictional stories, such as anime and manga, are also a big hit with fans. This explains their enthusiasm for figurines bearing the effigy of their favourite characters.

Figurines: What are the most popular anime and manga characters?

Funny, thoughtful or a touch violent, anime and manga have never ceased to seduce fans. The most popular today are :

  • Naruto ;
  • One Piece ;
  • Dragon Ball Z;
  • Pokémon ;
  • Patrol ;
  • Tintin ;
  • Hunter x Hunter ;
  • Goldorak ;
  • My Hero Academia;
  • Demon Slayer.

Figurines: the most popular films and series

The world of action figures is also interested in films and series, and here are some of the most popular at the moment:

  • Harry Potter;
  • Marvel ;
  • Groot Stars Wars ;
  • Spiderman ;
  • Batman ;
  • Iron Man ;
  • Avengers, Deadpool ;
  • Schleich.

What about video games?

In terms of games, the most popular include:

  • Zelda;
  • Mario ;
  • Assassin's Creed ;
  • Fortnite.
Figures and small scale soldiers

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Excellent customer review

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