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Seagull: Specialties and Models

Have you heard of Seagull, a brand of quality RC aircraft? Find out who this manufacturer is and what it offers.


RC Aircraft: Who is Seagull?

Who is the manufacturer Seagull?

Seagull is a brand specialized in RC modeling. Specifically, it manufactures RC aircraft of all kinds, figurines, tools and RC accessories.

Seagull's success

Seagull is a Vietnamese company founded in 1998. Since then, it has been offering aircraft that are almost ready to fly. It has refined its production techniques to manufacture some of the best RC aircraft models in the world. The quality and diversity of the offers are the reasons for this. Productions are closely monitored. Strict quality control is carried out at the end of each phase. That is why Seagull now offers scale models that meet current standards. Apart from an undeniable quality, the aircraft offered by the brand are suitable for all user profiles. They are easy to mount and fly. In addition, some models are specifically designed for beginners and others for the more advanced.

Where can I find Seagull's planes?

Since the creation of Seagull, aircraft have been sold all over the world. The company works with about thirty well-known distributors. It is thus possible among others to find Seagull rc aircraft in the United States, England, Australia, Austria, Japan, France, Germany, Korea, etc.

What are the specialties of the manufacturer Seagull?

Seagull is a company specializing in the manufacture of scale models of ARF aircraft. All models are authentic. There are several in its catalog:

The best known categories are thermal aircraft [How to choose a thermal rc aircraft?] running on gas and gasoline. Regardless of the system, there are models for normal use and for sports or aerobatic uses.

The company also offers electric ARF aircraft. Between gliders, sportsmen and other models, amateurs are spoilt for choice.

Apart from airplanes, Seagull offers various types of accessories. Among other things, the company manufactures aircraft mounts. Special boxes for radio control and all tools are also offered. For the most meticulous, figurines of pilots are also made in his factory.

What are Seagull's models and their specifics?

Seagull's models are numerous. Here is a non-exhaustive list of its most popular products:

L-4 Grasshopper 90 inches: Made with high-quality balsa plywood, this aircraft is lightweight and aerodynamic. It has a solid landing gear, a realistic cockpit with pilot, a fiberglass hood and a functional electrical system.

Gilmore RED Lion Racer: This aircraft is also made with balsa and plywood. It is distinguished by a color close to the Gilmore Red Lion racing aircraft. In addition to a glass hood and Oracover film coating, the electric models have easy access to the radio and flight battery.

Importantly, all models of the brand have durable equipment, such as landing gear.