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How to choose an RC sailboat?

Among the recommended boats, RC sailboats are particularly appreciated by pleasure boat enthusiasts. Focus on this type of boat.

RC sailboat: what you need to know

How do I sail an RC sailboat?

An RC boat is a boat in miniature version with a receiver that allows it to be controlled remotely. It can be used on a pond, a river, a lake or at the sea. In addition, there are different types of boats in scale model, including the rc sailboat. Unlike other models, the latter moves at the sole force of the wind.

To make it navigate, it is necessary to master the basic actions of direction. For this purpose, you should know that the sailboat moves with the rudder or saffron thanks to the force of the water. Moreover, it is the sails, pushed by the wind, that give it a certain speed. For the first tests, it is therefore better to use the sailboat on a weak and regular wind. It must be positioned so that the boat has a heading 45 ° from the direction of the wind, then release it without pushing it. If it goes in the direction of the wind, stops, then leaves and the sails float, it is necessary to relax the mainsail and stretch the foc. On the contrary, if the boat does not follow the wind and tends to go downwind, it is necessary to stretch the mainsail and relax the foc.

What are the different brands of RC sailboats?

Multihull RC sailboat, monohull boat such as the imoca RC sailboat, cruise RC sailboat or racing RC sailboat, there are many models of radio controlled sailboats on the market. However, to ensure the quality of the boat, it is recommended to choose recognized brands in the model sailboat. Here are some that stand out from the rest:







Kyosho ;




In addition, in addition to the mark, it is also necessary to take into account other criteria, including size. On this point, it is advisable to choose a small model that is much more robust. It is also necessary to ensure that the boat withstands difficult tides. To do this, it is possible to read the reviews of customers who have already used the product. Finally, the class is also to be considered, especially if the user wishes to participate in a sailing competition.

Thermal or electric RC sailboat: What are the differences?

The operation of remotely operated vessels differs according to their mode of propulsion. Thus, an electric RC boat works using batteries or a battery. Quiet, easy to use and maintain, they are suitable for all users, even children. On the other hand, the thermal RC boat works by nitro or gasoline. The thermal versions offer high speed in addition to being more efficient. However, they make a lot of noise and require more maintenance. For this reason, this type of boat is more suitable for more experienced users.

In addition, it should be noted that the sailboat does not require an engine to operate. Indeed, the breath of the wind and a body of water are enough to start it. Slower than electric and thermal boats, the sailboat is mainly used for quiet walks at sea, on lakes, streams and rivers.

Which RC Sailboat for a beginner?

Although it is a scale model, the RC sailboat takes into account the different aspects of actual navigation. Can be complicated to use at first, so it is better for novices in the field to choose an easy-to-use model.

For this purpose, it is better to opt for an RC sailboat ready to sail. Delivered assembled in the box, these models can be driven directly without having to mount it. However, after gaining experience, it is possible to customize your RC sailboat according to tastes and desires, and to make it more efficient. It is also recommended to choose a sailboat intended for beginners. There are a multitude of models on the market.

RC Sailboats

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