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Why choose 1/72 scale for a model aircraft?

Making a 1/72 scale model aircraft is the best way to learn more about the fascinating history of aviation.

Everything you need to know about a 1/72 scale model aircraft

How do you factor in the size of the model?

Model making is a very popular activity for history lovers and people who are good with their hands. Among the many models of RC electric model aircraft, making a choice is not always easy. Bear in mind that the models are made to a standard scale. The larger the scale, the smaller the model aircraft. If you opt for a 1/72 scale model aircraft, and the original object measures 10 metres, then the miniature model will measure 14 centimetres.

Which model plane should a child choose?

For model-building enthusiasts, we recommend starting with model plane kits and favouring models with 70 parts. For toddlers, there are models designed exclusively for them.

Children's model planes are made up of simple components and are generally presented in kit form. The model aeroplane you build often comes with everything you need to dress it up, such as paint, model aeroplane plans and paintbrushes.

What types of aircraft are available for children?

There are several types of 1/72 model aircraft suitable for children with a passion for model making. Here are just a few:

● A biplane model aircraft: the biplane is a model with two superimposed lifting wings built up until the Second World War. One of the first biplanes in the history of aviation was the Wright Flyer ;

● A model of a monoplane: the monoplane was adopted towards the end of the 1930s. The aircraft has a single pair of wings as its lifting plane ;

● A model of a triplane: used by the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen during the First World War, the triplane is a model that has three wings placed one above the other ;

● A twin-engine model aircraft: the aircraft has two engines;

● A single-engine model aircraft: the aircraft is equipped with a single engine ;

● A four-engined model aircraft: the aircraft has a higher speed because the model is powered by four engines.

What are the most popular model aircraft?

You'll find both scale models of aircraft from the major world wars and more recent models, as well as aircraft carriers:

● Reconnaissance aircraft ;

● Airliner ;

● Civil aircraft ;

● Military aircraft ;

● Fighter aircraft;

● Bombardier.

Plastic or wood to get off to a good start?

The choice of material to use does not necessarily depend on the model of aircraft, but on the era. For old planes dating from the World Wars, the choice is mainly for a wooden model plane. However, for modern aircraft, you should opt for a plastic model plane.

Metal model aircraft are also available. Metal models are very popular with model enthusiasts. However, they are more difficult to assemble for novices.

1:72 aircraft scale models

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Excellent customer review

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