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Who is the maker of Castorland puzzles?

Ctorland puzzles are among the most popular on the market. Whether for young or old, their puzzles are indeed of quality.

The essentials to know about Castorland puzzles

Who is the maker of Castorland puzzles?

Castorland Puzzle or rather "Castor" is a Polish company that started distributing puzzles in 1989. His decades of experience are translated into continuous development and have brought him a strong position in several markets. Indeed, currently, the brand's puzzles are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. The puzzle games that the company manufactures under the brand "Castorland Puzzle" are the result of the work of professionals sharing the same passion.

What makes Castorland puzzles popular?

First of all, know that Castorland provides a professional service, as well as higher standards of professional ethics to its business partners. Otherwise, the brand also guarantees highly functional and aesthetic products in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of puzzle enthusiasts. The popularity of Castorland puzzles then stems mainly from their impeccable quality. The same is true for the puzzle maker Educa.

Do Castorland puzzles meet the standards?

Indeed, each Castorland puzzle meets EU safety and quality standards for toys. These include, in particular, standard EN-71 and Directive 2009/48/EC. Thus, the materials chosen for their production are meticulously selected and come from the best European suppliers. The organization of work, the technologies used and the production process are constantly improved and constantly monitored in order to ensure and maintain a consistently high level of quality.

What are the different sizes available for Castorland Puzzles?

Parmi the different sizes of castorland puzzles, you will find:

The 4-piece puzzle, such as Animals of Africa;

The 30-piece puzzle, such as Chat in Distress;

The 60-piece puzzle, such as In the World of Dinosaurs;

The 100-piece puzzle, such as The Jungle Book;

The 200-piece puzzle, such as Summer Buddies;

The 500-piece puzzle, such as Jeune Chat;

The 1000-piece puzzle,such as The Jewel of the Rockies;

The 1500-piece puzzle,such as Chalet;

The 3000-piece puzzle,such as The Battle of Trafalgar;

The 4000-piece puzzle,such as The Majestic Mountain.

It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, since there are still Castorland puzzles of 3, 180, 300, 5000 pieces and much more.

What are the most sought-after Castorland puzzle themes?

By the most popular Castorland puzzle themes, you can find:

Puzzle animals;

Puzzle landscape;

Puzzle Paris;

Puzzle rapunzel;

Snow-white light;

Puzzle the little mermaid;

Puzzle sailboat;

or again, space puzzle.

Which Castorland puzzle to choose for young children?

The choice of the puzzle for children usually depends on the age of the latter. For example, there is:

The 3-year puzzle with 3 to 7 pieces;

The 4-year puzzle with 5 to 10 pieces;

The 5-year puzzle with 20 to 40 or 60 pieces;

The 6 to 8 year old puzzle with more than 60 pieces, up to 500 pieces even.

Children over the age of 9 can play Castorland puzzles of 1,000 pieces or more.

Apart from the number of pieces, in general, the choice of a Castorland puzzle for a child also depends on:

From the size of the parts;

A detail of the image on the puzzle;

So-color variations of the image;

Al other features that can help (shape parts or image outlines, etc.) ;

From the quality of the puzzle (thickness of the cardboard or its sensitivity to twisting and folding, etc.) ;

From the child's experience with the puzzles.


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Excellent customer review

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Good site, easy to follow and Andy's Hobby models are great. 1/16 models add a new dimension to model making, they are a long and involved build...



I'd been struggling to find topcoat. They had what I wanted in stock and delivery was very quick. A genuine pleasure.



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